Convergence journalism is everywhere I go, it ca not be escaped.

In my photojournalism class today the professor discussed convergence and how all forms of media are adapting to it.

This is interesting philosophy, but one that will be difficult for many to adjust to, in my opinion.

We were handed out cameras yesterday and I was stumped, how do you turn the thing on?

It was all downhill from there.

In the world we live in I would have thought that I would know more about technology than I seem to actually know.

Learning it now is a good thing, I suppose, but what do people who have been in the news  industry for 25 years do when new things continue to pour in and the confusion rate is going through the roof?

At my internship, they had continual meeting and seminars to get staff sped up on how to use the computer programs to input data and stories.

Some of the employees could not understand even what the cursor was let alone know how to use it.

I wonder if that will be me in a matter of years.

I can only hope to catch up now and maybe this technology thing will stick with me, maybe.


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