Quality of light is a key aspect to any good picture, especially in photojournalism.

There are three basic elements to look for within basic lighting.

First, long shadows from high angles are a good way to show lighting from a different perspective.

Second, silhouettes are a great perspective especially when the sun is coming up or when the sun is going down. While doing silhouettes it is very important to make sure that the background is much brighter than the subject, usually the subject is only black but the outline is very sharp.

Third, while experimenting with light is the use of rim light which is light around the body, or light around the subject.

Using light in the correct way can enhance any picture and can make an ordinary subject catch an audiences attention quickly.

It is important to make sure the white balance is set correctly and to keep the focus on the subject sharp.

Remembering these aspects while using lighting with a picture will ensure a good and unique photo.


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