In my photojournalism course today we went over the fine program of Photoshop in a detail.

I have played around with the program before, but never in extensive detail.

Today we focused on how to make a picture sharper without messing with the integrity of the picture.

The dodge tool and the burn tool are simple, but can make or break the picture. The dodge tool can lighten a picture, or reveal more clearly what was actually seen.

My professor said that the goal to using the program and working on the picture is to make the picture look the way it did when we took the picture in person.

The burn tool darkens for areas where lighting is too harsh, and with both the dodge and burn tool you can change the strengths and set it to a particular setting, such as highlighting, moderate or shadow.

We also looked at the levels, taking the picture and adding more white, gray or black tones.

This is good for contrast in the picture, so that the colors don’t all blend together and you can also do this by adjusting the levels.

Another feature is going to the variations option and taking the color you have too much of and adding another color along with it.

I also learned how to use the lasso tool to the best of my ability.

The main goal, however, is to keep the integrity of the picture and to make the picture look the way your eyes saw the scene.


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