What I’ve Learned (Thus Far)

I have heard and believe that education is a never ending process, where do you think the phrase “You learn something new everyday” came from. I think it is impossible to learn everything, who has that much time or even brain capacity?

Not to sound too negative, this is to be more focused on what I have learned. This semester alone has taught me to be more tech-savy than I have been, ever, in my whole life.

Soundslides has been my favorite technical discovery, well I didn’t actually discover it, but I was taught how to use it.

During my last online reporting class we discussed a research project about the formats of newspapers, the Poynter Eyetracking study. I thought all through the discussion how my local hometown paper could do so much more with their online portion of the paper, and then I realized I could be the one to help do that.

Learning about the world of online has already opened up doors for me as far as future emplyment goes and even for my schooling right now.

Soundslides has been thrown at me from every direction, classes, assignments and friends even wanting to do one. I also have learned how to use Audacity and how to map.

I am not going to lie, Excel was not something I excelled at, I had a beginning computer course when I was a freshmen in college and since that time all knowledge on the subject had disappeared, until I had to input several numbers dealing with the Gator Nation. I was able to make a spreadsheet and calculated the numbers using Excel.

This semester has proved to be quite fruitful as far as the knowledge tree is concerned and I am excited for the coming semesters fruit to be bared or even thrown upon me.


2 responses to “What I’ve Learned (Thus Far)

  1. I like this. Great job on the blog. I also just got into more technical things with the computer, I’m glad I’m not the only one that was struggling! Good luck on everything!

  2. You are so insightful.

    I want to be just like you.

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