Internet Literature

Ever heard of internet literature?

Me neither.

I thought it would be a fun English class where you read poetry online .

I was wrong.

It is reading crazy books about art and making websites out of those books. I never really know what I am doing, but the professor seems to like anything and everything as long as we make it sound smart and arty.

Well we are entering phase 2 of the semester and now I am beginning to work on my second Web site. I have decided I am going to “pastiche” the book Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. An amazing novel about materialism, isolation and relationships.

I am starting to gather some thoughts and ideas about what I want to put on the Web site and what special affects I want to put on the site.

So far I have character synopsis, writings on materialism from each characters perspective and the loss of identity each individual character feels.

Things are still in progress, but I am chugging along.


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