I should be doing homework.

I have an assignment in my ethics class to write four journal entries that put me in an ethical dilemma and then I have to choose an ethical rationale to decide what to do with the dilemma.

I have written three out of the four: re-victimizing, how to report on suicide and how to deal with the line between advertisers and the paper.

I have learned quite a bit about the situations that can put turmoil in the heart of a journalist by doing this exercise.

But strange enough, I found out what I would do in these ethical dilemmas, not always what I would think I would do honestly.

I find myself to be more conservative than the typical 21-year-old girl. I like to go to bed at 11 p.m., read for fun and think that playing Wii at someone’s house until 1 a.m. is a crazy night.

But when it comes to news decisions I don’t always think like a conservative, which I never thought I would do.

Maybe it’s the liberal college breeding that I have been subject to for the past three years, or maybe that stereotype is wrong and college has allowed me to find my own voice.

I am no longer in sync with my parents opinions, but decide things based solely on my own opinion.


I think that being a journalist can be challenging and the situations that they get put into can be scary and tough to handle, but the more and more I think about it the more excited I get.

I mean I have decided 10 decisions already in written format, what else could possibly stump me now, so bring it on.


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