Crunch Time is here

It’s that time of the year again, everything is piling up, especially the stress.

I have to finish building my Web site, study for three exams and write a court paper.

Well the court paper shouldn’t be too hard, I went to the Clerk of Court today and found a case that had been pleaded out today.

I looked through the file and decided to write about this DUI case that was pleaded out for the maximum amount of fines and a list of other contingencies that go along with it.

My Web site is coming along. I finished looking up the quotes from “Fight Club” and I found my little niche to make it pastiche. I have decided to integrate my love for journalism with the project.

A lot of the issues in the book are issues everyone faces, so I archived several articles written about similar subjects and am putting up quotes and pieces of articles onto my site to make it pastiche, but in my own special way.

Ethics is almost done.

I wrote my last decision memo yesterday, ahead of time.

We had to decide what to do if you are the editor and one of your reporters comes in with a politically offensive article they had written, what would you do?

I decided to sit down with the writer and make sure that every point they make has a purpose and a reason, and the reader can decide whether or not to take offense, it isn’t my right to pull the article without letting the reader see it and take a viewpoint.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure within the next week and a half something else will come up.


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