Last First Day

How bittersweet are the times that go by so quickly.

Well not really, today was my last first day of school and I am so glad, but it is sad in some ways.

I will never have a class full of new possibilities, no more looking at the classroom door to see the new people you will be sitting by and trying to make small talk with to develop an actual relationship and no more little butterflies that I may not find my class and be late.

Fifteen years of schooling have come and gone, and now I can’t believe it’s almost over. The fact is it hasn’t hit me yet.

Within three months I will become a certifiable adult, no more classes or studying in the law library. The days of hanging out with all of the friends I have made are quickly passing because these times I have right now can never be replayed.

It seems so strange how quickly the years have gone by, mom was right, as usual, it does go by too quickly.

I am very excited about the last two classes I will be taking though, I have an 8 a.m. class of macroeconomics, which may not seem exciting but the teacher is excited about the subject and that is motivation to think that the class will be fun and interesting.

My other class is children’s literature, which is the class I am most excited about. We have Dr. Seuss’sGreen Eggs and Ham,” “Winnie-the-Pooh,” and “Velveteen Rabbit” on the list of required readings.

Our final project is what I am really looking forward to, we will be making a scrapbook of our families folklore. I am supposed to research the tales of the McCurdy and McMullen families, gather photos and find out about traditions.

I think that these last two classes will really help me end my undergraduate education with a bang.


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