The Hunt

I’m from a southern town where most of the boys favorite thing to do is hunt.

Now, I’ve never found the idea of sitting in a cold wooded area early in the morning waiting for a creature that I can take the life away from all that appealing, but I think I may know how it feels.

I’m looking for a job, but not just a job. I’m looking for one that I will actually enjoy. I know, I’m a recent college graduate who wants to be picky about her next job when the unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been.

Call me optimistic.

So I’m on the hunt. Seeking the perfect job for me, wherever it may be.

But the hunt is not as exciting as the word implies.

First, there’s the waiting. Like an old man sitting in a chair deep in the woods I am sitting at my computer just waiting for Careerbuilder, Monster or JournalismJobs to get back and tell me that they’ve found the perfect job for me.

But that’s just the beginning.

The hunt is about finding that perfect 10 pointer and similar to the boys wearing green, brown and orange peering through the thick to see the deer I am peering into the thick to see who’s hiring and who will take me.

I’ve applied at American Cancer Society, Zimmerman Agency, countless newspapers and written several companies about freelance opportunities. Now, I just need the deer to show.

When the time comes for the kill, or the interview I’m waiting for, I need to be ready.

Hunters wait for hours for an instant chance to get the deer. Those of us unfortunate enough to be unemployed are waiting for that one interview, the one chance to show that you are the one thing their company has been missing and if we blow that one chance another might not come.

Then comes the best part. That part where everyone walks by my fridge and sees the deer in my hand.

Let me explain.

I have a friend Meagan who loves hunting, possibly more than all the boys. While checking around the kitchen for food on one of my visits to her house, I saw the most disgusting picture ever taken.

Meagan is grinning from ear to ear holding her massive deer, blood dripping. When I asked about the picture she proudly told me all about her hunting experience.

When it’s my turn to get my deer, I’ll tell everyone all about my hunting experience.

In the meantime, though, I’m enjoying what hunters would deem as the waiting portion, what takes the longest.

I’ve decided to enjoy this time where I am unemployed, out of school and out of responsibilities. I’ll be volunteering with the cancer society, teaching a Vacation Bible School class, preparing for a mission trip, heading to New York, Utah and Louisiana.

For those thinking, “You’re unemployed!?! Why are you traveling the world with no source of income?”

Well, the beauty of degrading myself to moving back in with the folks means I have money saved, no rent and groceries in the fridge. The best part, my parents are being incredibly supportive with the idea of taking my time to find the job I will love.

In the meantime, I’ll hunt for the small deer that will give me just a little dough.


One response to “The Hunt

  1. Love it! Excellent story and so true to the times. I hope you find what you’re looking for and hold out for the real deal.

    May Careerbuilder lead you to your perfect job!

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