The Hunt is Over

After months of taking what some would call a summer vacation, I decided on the time and the place to start the job hunt back up.

For some reason, however, I had a constant feeling in the back of my mind that when all I had to do was over a job would just fall into my lap, which was silly since I hadn’t applied anywhere.

But God is good all the time.

Four days before I was set to leave for West Virgina on a mission trip I got a call from one of my old editors. He had received a call from the editor of a local daily newspaper about an hour from my house asking for recommendations on two former interns that applied for a position as a general assignment reporter.

My former editor being the wonderful man that he is suggested me to the man because of my connections locally and called me immediately after talking with the daily newspaper’s editor.

“I think you’d be perfect for this job and I talked you up, I think if you give him a call you could at least get an interview.”

How right he was. I called less than 10 minutes later and was asked to email my resume and later that day some how received an interview despite the fact that the paper had gone through hundreds of applicants and narrowed it down to two people, neither of which were me.

After a four-hour long interview, I felt confident leaving the state that I did a good job and received an invitation to come back for a second interview and a trial run at writing a story.

Then came the storm.

I was told the background of the story that I would be writing, it would be covering the town I used to be working in and the woman who scared me for months on end, also known as my former employer would be speaking at this meeting.

I was terrified of having to face this woman again, of what she would say and of what she had told everyone when I left.

I arrived 30 minutes early and saw her vehicle, she was already there. But right after stepping out of my car I was reminded that the area outside of the newsroom was welcoming and kind and had a reunion with several locals I’d done stories on or used as sources and felt welcome again.

I sat at the media table in the meeting room, one of the first to take a seat not seeing the woman who just months ago said she thought I’d be better off staying far away from the news industry. Hands shaking, I forced myself to be engrossed in the handout I was given, not wanting to see her when she walked in.

Then I heard that familiar voice, with a little more tension and surprise. Behind her was a former coworker, who just weeks before had been fired. Her desperation had come back when she asked him to cover the meeting since she had only one staff writer left. And then it was time for my revenge.

No I didn’t spit in her face, ignore her or say spiteful words, I just said the truth.

As soon as my former co-worker came in he, trying to be funny, introduced himself stating his name and my former newspaper. So I used the opportunity, I said my name and the paper that I was interviewing with, their main competitor if you can call having thousands more readers even competition.

The face on the woman I once called the Spawn of Satan could have killed, but I knew it got to her. She chose not to speak to me the rest of the evening. But I chose to take the high road and told her goodbye as I left realizing that my fears I had built up about her were pointless.

I wrote the story and received a call the next day asking if I would be interested in taking the position. After praying about it, I took the job.

I am now the night shift general assignment writer and online media guru.

Wish me luck!


One response to “The Hunt is Over

  1. michellestuckey

    So was the awesome editor Ron?? Sounds like him.

    And I’m so glad you got to stick it to that woman! I was cheering for you while I read that!

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