Oh the Things I Hear

So a part of my daily duties is long and tedious, but necessary.

Everyday, I call every fire department and police department in the area.

At first, I was unsure what to say but after calling twice a day, five days a week I’ve gotten my stride and now the folks that answer the phone know me and are no longer shy with talking.

The purpose of my calls is to see if we missed anything on the scanner such as a fire, robbery or an unusual circumstance.

Nine times out of 10 there’s absolutely nothing going on. But I guess with having a regimented calling schedule the firefighters are getting used to my calls and now I hear some of the greatest things ever.

So here’s my spiel:
“Hi, this is Angel with the Daily News. I was calling to see if there were any incidents in your area.”

Since I began this I have heard some of the funniest things.

One fire department told me an in-depth story about installing a fan in the bathroom and electrocuting the poor firefighter who was doing the installing. They thought it was print worthy, I had to sadly let them down.

Another answered my question, “Oh yeah. There were dead babies everywhere” and as soon as I start getting excited and writing profusely he goes, “Nah, I’m just kidding we haven’t done anything.”

A favorite of mine was, “Dear god Angel, the Florida State game is on.”

I’ve heard it all.

One dispatcher had highlighted her hair and was unsure of if it looked good. Another dispatcher developed a crush on me and asked me out over the phone — I had never seen the man and politely declined.

I look forward to developing a relationship with the local first responders.

So here’s to more stories, more funny interactions and more fun in the public safety beat!


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