The Incredible Edible Article

So I found the type of news that people just eat up.

I wrote an article about a woman claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of “balloon boys” father. She hadn’t dated the man in years, but she knew certain character traits he had possessed when they weren’t dating and called “hoax” before the charges were brought against him.

I wrote the article, my editor read over it and we published it.

The next day I got a call from Inside Edition, the place where Bill O’Reily of the O’Reily Factor got his start. They said they read the article and would like to talk with the woman I interviewed.

Then two days later I got an email from Entertainment Tonight asking for contact information after reading the article. I also was quoted on an article from Fox News.

Intriguing that I can write about a man coming out of a coma and pointing out the man who killed him, about a child conquering a deadly disease and about the former head of the FBI’s special disaster team’s reactions to Lockerbie’s terrorist being released. But this is what gets attention.

News today, huh.


One response to “The Incredible Edible Article

  1. michellestuckey

    That’s so cool that you were quoted by Fox News, though!!

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