Day Time Here I Come

I finally began the day shift.

It feels weird to come in on a Monday when for the last four months I’ve been working Tuesdays through Saturdays, a schedule that didn’t mesh with anyone else.

So Monday I somehow was able to wake up, get going and start the day (DAY!) early. Then I got stuck in morning traffic — I forgot what it’s like to work the same hours as everyone else. I hate traffic.

After being 15 minutes late to work, I was ready to start the day (DAY!) and do what I love most, write. My new shift in hours  has also changed my job duties.

No longer do I have to deal with updating the website, writing headlines, which I am horrible at, or working the late-night car accidents, random reportings or Saturday festivities that consist of me standing in the cold.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to miss getting to decide where things go on the website, working with the few who work the late-night shift and, of course, the ease of driving when everyone is not on the road.

Monday, my boss told me my day-time shift job is to produce, produce, produce. As the night cops beat, you come in and wait for something to happen. As the day cops reporter, you write – a lot. I wrote four print stories, six Web stories and conducted five interviews.

But I wasn’t overwhelmed, I just wasn’t bored. On nights, I would sit at my desk, search our sister sites and find ways to bide my time including dusting mine and my fellow writers desks.

I think this time change will be a positive thing. I get to do feature writing, which is my strength, and I get to work more with the other reporters. I’m a young writer, the youngest at my paper. I not only want to work but I want to learn.

So here I come sun, I will be seeing you more as I sit in traffic and start a new phase of my life as a journalist.


2 responses to “Day Time Here I Come

  1. I used to enjoy my Tuesday through Saturday shift. If we were on the ball we could get Sunday’s paper put to bed by mid-afternoon Saturday and I’d be gone by 4; on the massage table by 5 and hovering in an alternate dimension by 5:15!
    So what if the rest of the world was half-way through their weekend by the time my massage was over, I had Sunday to relax and all day Monday to shop and watch everyone else struggle through the first day of their work week.

    • Too true, although the massage I was never lucky enough to get. I have found myself missing those Mondays off. But it is so nice to see my family and friends. I felt like I never saw anyone while I was working nights!

      But the beauty of the odd schedule has not been lost on me. By the way, I have really enjoyed your comments. Thanks for reading and good luck with the teaching certification.

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