The Unplanned Job

My mom asked me the other day if I had a planned schedule. I thought about it, pictured the calendar lying on my desk and realized that most of the time, no, I don’t really have a schedule.

She was amazed. She is a planner through and through, which honestly I get from her. I’m annoyingly organized and never spontaneous, I like to have a plan. I even came up with a life plan, although God may not agree completely (engaged at 25, married at 26, kids at 28 — if you were curious.)

But at work I like the unplanned.

I went in today with nothing on my plate. The square for Monday on my calendar was a crisp white with no pen marks upon it. Then the day started. My immediate boss was out with a stomach virus, so I made morning calls immediately and things began to come.

A power outage in one county because the nice tropical state I live in has been freezing, a car accident because the idiot sitting in the passenger seat grabbed the steering wheel and ran the car into a tree, and a group of rescued sea turtles that just got stationed locally.

My day was set.

I posted what I could, headed to the Gulfarium, interviewed, made a video, wrote a story and then it was time to clock out. I like the unpredictability. I like that I start my day with no idea what will unfold. I like this part of my job.

So to other journalist not in the breaking news arena, sorry but my beat’s better. You can count on it.


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