School bus, Scum and Heroes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love people.

That’s why I love being a reporter. If it weren’t for the fascinating and fantastic people I meet, my job would consist of reading and writing reports about terrible human beings, uncovering scandalous behavior and promoting the scum of the earth.

I run to scenes of car accidents and fires. I invade people’s private space on their worst day. It’s not something I enjoy or look forward to doing.

I write Police Blotters daily where I recount terrible things done throughout the county, but spin it in a humorous way. I don’t like treating domestic violence lightly or painting a picture of a child that screwed up just to get page views, but that’s my job.

So when the opportunity comes to get away from disasters and criminals I get excited — Monday was an exceptionally exciting day.

An 11-year-old girl was honored for her heroic efforts after her bus crashed and the driver became temporarily incapacitated. The incredibly shy little girl got up out of her seat, turned off the ignition and put the parking brake on.

If you’re thinking, “wow,” that’s a good reaction. It is a “wow” kind of thing. Talking with her, she giggled and gave others recognition where they deserved it. She did everything in her power to not get all the spot light.

For an 11-year-old, she was incredibly poised and humble. It was incredibly impressive.

As someone who had been in her fair share of accidents. I know in the heat of the moment all you can do is stay frozen, heart pounding. The fact that she had enough sense to get up and actually do something just astounds me.

Even more, I’m so glad my paper could come and highlight the great job she did.

So, go Catherine!


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