A Story of Complaint: Why I Write Stories About Roads

Do I sound like the type of girl who is solely interested in roads, road maintenance and complaints about roads? Despite any answers of yes, I am not.

I don’t care about roads. My biggest concern is making sure my car stays in the lane of whichever road I’m driving upon. But for some reason all I do lately is write stories about roads.

Roads are boring if you didn’t know. I’ve got one man who’s unhappy about construction that has ruined his driveway, another resident is displeased with a sidewalk built beside the road because it blocks her view of the beach and, wait for it, yet another story about a road that continues to flood.

Sure roads are important. They get me from interview to interview and, more importantly, from work to home. But writing about roads is a whole other story.

I just don’t care about the subject.

Clearly other people do or else I wouldn’t be writing story upon story about roads and I know, I know, it affects everybody. I just don’t care. I can’t seem to muster up the ability to care in the least.

I realize that this is probably terrible of me to be a reporter that doesn’t care about what she writes about, but c’mon – it’s a road!


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