Oh, The Days of Our Lives

This morning I was asked how I was and I found myself spouting off the cliché phrase, I’m good – it’s hump day!

Then my co-worked made a comment that made me think. “Doesn’t it seem like we waste our lives away getting ready for the day to end?”

She’s right.

I thought back on my past two years and realized that the week couldn’t go by fast enough. My typical response to talking with anyone, co-worker or not, deals with what day of the week it is.

“How are you,” one will ask.

“Ehh, it’s Monday,” my typical reply. “Let’s just get through the week.”

“How are you,” later in the week.

“Great! It’s Friday,” I say happy the week is over.

Is this what I’ve become? A working person who focuses on finishing the week rather than appreciating every moment God gives me. How sad is that?

I’m going to challenge myself to stop looking forward to the next day and to look at what’s happening around me. I may get overwhelmed, cry in bathroom stalls or question everything I’m doing at the exact moment, but it’s mine.

This is my world I’ve been blessed to be in. And while some days seem to bring more bad than good, there’s always something that I can look at and know I’m loved, I’m blessed and I’m doing things that few people get the opportunity to do.

So I will also challenge you if you find yourself in the same cycle of hating the week, wishing the weekend weren’t over and starting all over again the next week.

Let’s live it up. Go visit a monkey display (check for today), talk with a wacko (double check for today) or just laugh with a co-worker or friend (luckily, check for everyday!).


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