I Got Stood Up – Twice

Today makes the second day in a row, well in a working week row.

I sat in Burger King for a good 30 minutes Friday waiting for a woman who was going to tell me all about her experience of being in a car hit by a drunk driver, share about losing her best friend in the accident and the impact all that had on her life.

Keep in mind this woman contacted us. Thanks to her email in response to a column we ran in the paper my editor decided to assign me a Sunday Centerpiece story on DUIs and all that goes with them.

The woman that contacted us was going to be the glue of the article.

I got their 10 minutes early, ordered a drink a sat where I could see everyone walking in. Although my badge hands low on a lanyard I set it up so it was sprawled on the table for all to see.

I analyzed every woman that came in, prominently displayed my notepad and waited.

When it had been 15 minutes, I called her. I got a quick hello and then lost the connected.

I called five more times and was put to voice mail after at least five rings. After about 15 more minutes, I called it quits and headed back to the newsroom.

That was irritating.

Today, while still inconvenient since I drove 30 minutes one way to get to my interview, was much more excusable and I hold no bitterness.

Last week, I got a call from a woman who told me about her daughter who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a week before, single mom and she was getting progressively worse but still working hard and fighting the disease.

While, as usual, I was lost trying to find the house, I got a call from our photographer who knows his way far better than I and was going to meet me there after another appointment he had.

He found out the woman had taken a turn for the worse and was in the hospital. Her mom, who I spoke with the week before, was on her way to the hospital.

I know she was panicking, busy and anxious to get to her daughter.  I understand.

I just find it hard to believe that calling someone on your way over is impossible.

I guess, since this isn’t the first or second time that I’ve been stood up, I just get annoyed.

Do people not understand that I work a tight schedule, my time is not expendable – at least I’d like to think not.

The only plus, I got a little extra radio listening time.


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