Learning Lessons or Strategies?

I’ve found myself more than once in my everyday life thinking about stories I write about and circumstances people get themselves in or find themselves stuck in.

Since working the cop beat, I certainly find myself using a little more precaution in my life away from the paper.

There was a story I worked on with a co-worker about a man who was driving along his merry way and as soon as he stopped at a red light a man toting a gun and a pension for stealing money jumped in his car. The man was shot, but luckily survived.

From that point on, I made sure my car was locked at all times. It was something I should have always done but the man’s near death experience put the scare in me enough to make it a regular habit.

But more than just keeping myself alert, I plague those around me with my new-found paranoia. Are your doors locked? Are you walking alone in the dark? Are you watching out for a knife-wielding stranger?

While my concern is sincere, I think my friends and family may wish I wouldn’t preach about all the chaos and how many different ways someone can find themselves in a sticky situation.

Although, my father would disagree, my new-found fears are right up there with his. He’s elated when I spout out more reasons why I should carry a gun and dead bolt the door even when I’m only in the house for a minute.

So while this may have some positive attributes, my going through the arrest reports also has me thinking about the mistakes the criminals make.

More than once, I’ve said (out loud even) when a cop pulls you over and asks to search your car say no, they’ll never find the drugs if you just say no.

Lately, it’s been the misdemeanor charges that have me thinking.

I just moved into a home. That’s right, cutting the cord and getting out of the folks house.

Little known fact (at least to me before this experience), living in a house is expensive. Cable is $40 a month, power is another $70, water can be up to $20 and the list goes on and on.

So my roommate and I have decided to try and forgo garbage for as long as we can. The idea came to me after reading several notice to appears about people illegally dumping their trash.

OK, I know that this sounds stupid and illegal, but c’mon. How simple is it, just put your trash in a nearby dumpster and save $40 a month – and then the cable bill seems a lot cheaper!

I haven’t actually done it and my roommate has thus far not agreed to be my lookout, but the thought of just making sure not to make the same mistakes as the people I write about has come up.

I know that in my year working the cops beat my perspective on life has changed, I just can’t decide if it’s for better or worse.


One response to “Learning Lessons or Strategies?

  1. Wow! Cable television only $40? I’m told that basic cable here in California is twice that amount (I personally don’t have it because I can’t afford it).
    Power bills here in California can easily run several times that amount. Some small houses can easily run up a a$500 to $1,000 bill during the summer months.
    As for personal safety, you live in a “shall-issue” state for concealed weapons permits. Might I suggest firearms training and a hand gun. They tip the advantage in your favor. It’s obviously a personal choice and something you need to strongly consider, but it’s something worth considering.

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