Election Elation

I always knew elections could be intense, but until last night I never realized how intense.

Last night’s primary election had me sitting in the Supervisor of Election’s office for three hours. It started out with me getting in their joining about a half-dozen other people sitting in the metal chairs set up in front of a television that was constantly spitting out the county’s voting numbers.

About 30 minutes after my arrival I looked around and was surrounded by folks with eyes glued to the television, pens and pads of paper in hand jotting down numbers like their lives depended on it.

I felt a little like a slacker with all these people are me.

I was told to call with the early voting numbers, the numbers for the first few precincts and then final numbers so the majority of my time was me just sitting playing with my phone while I waited for more precincts to come in.

The others, however, never stopped writing. One woman sitting beside me was a publicist for several of the candidates. She had her blue tooth in, was constantly texting, jotting and counting – I don’t know how she did it.

I wish my abilities to multitask were that evolved. I also wish I could exude the type of intensity that woman exude, but then again maybe not.

It was a primary election. It was one small county. It was a fleeting moment for most of those numbers until all the precincts were turned in.

I don’t know if it’s my laid-back attitude, but I really didn’t see a need to get all crazy over numbers until something more permanent came in.

Well, here’s to my first reporting on primary elections – I got the numbers in, turned in my story on time and didn’t get any of the facts wrong.

I’m calling success.


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