Little Gold Nuggets

Sometimes you know what you’re reading is better than just plain good.

Today, I was bored out of my mind. I was working on three stories and waiting for a call for each of them.

I had exhausted all of my “kill time activities,” which include going through arrest reports and highlighting the juicy tidbits so others writing can decide if they like it or not quickly.

I am bored often.

So while going through the arrest reports I stumbled upon some truly amazing arrest reports.

One had a man trying to steal a live lobster. He literally went to Red Lobster, distracted the hostess and grabbed the lobster out the of the tank. When the hostess came  back she saw the man trying to stuff it in a bag he brought with him.

Right behind that report sat another piece of gold. A misuse of 911 where I man claimed to need help for a “broken heart,” amazing.

Some things I just don’t think you can make up and those two reports were among them. They write themselves and guarantee at minimum thousands of page views.

So, thank you Lord for little gifts that come in the form of hilarious arrest reports. I needed it.


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