Oh, The People I Meet

In life, you meet different people frequently. In journalism, you meet different wackadoos daily and sometimes they are right in my very own newsroom and it’s awesome.


Not too far from my desk is our secretary here at work. She  is one of the most interesting people anyone would ever meet. She’s originally from Ireland and has made sure that home is where erst she is.

When I came in to interview for this job, my confusion must have shown the instant I stepped through the newsroom doors. On the plate glass separating the newsroom from the main hall were more St. Patrick’s Day decorations than I had ever seen and it was August.

Then I met Dorothy. “Please and tank you!”

Her area is decorated with four-leaf clovers, pictures of the Queen and other figures only a very Irish person would appreciate.

Her car is also not without a little flair with four-leaf clovers all over the windows and the license tag ERIE I letting everyone know her home country.

I love talking with her and hearing all her stories and odd sayings from Ireland. While she would never say her exact age, I’ll call her a young mid-60s woman who gets her nails done on a weekly basis, loves knock-off handbags and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

On the phone, if someone is rude, annoying or just plain dumb she let’s them know – she amazes me.


My boss. You’ve heard me talk about her multiple times, but I’ve never really explained her.

She didn’t start out in the paper business but said it kind of found her. She’s got a real talent for writing that I would love to be able to have one day, and she’s more than willing to teach me.

Though her rough exterior shows her northern roots, she can write a story that will bring grown men to tears. She captures surroundings, personalities and emotions like no one I’ve ever seen.

Since starting at the paper, she’s become something of a mentor for me.

She is a straight shooting woman who says exactly what she means. I always know where I stand with her.

Wendy is in her 40s, has three young children and the personality of a bull. A lot of people around here think she’s a little abrasive, but her personality fits well with mine and together we start the paper every day. And, thankfully, I’m growing as a writer because of her.


Mona is my favorite person at the paper. I know I shouldn’t choose favorites, but she’s all around awesome and no one can deny it.

She eats the oddest foods in the world, is on a roller derby team and is the best Scrabble player around – nuff said, but I’ll continue.

Before I ever started the paper I knew who she was. My father had been featured in a story she had written and talked about how kind she was.

When I started, she was one of the first people to go out of their way to be my friend. Every day, around 2:30 p.m., we lose focus and just laugh about anything and everything.

That’s what I like most about M, she laughs at everything. I really like laughing with people.

Our tradition, which I’m not quite sure how it got started, is to bring in whatever odd, foreign or delicious food we have and let the other try.

Hers are typically way more outlandish as she likes to combine everything in her kitchen and always thinks it tastes good. But our mutual love for food, laughing and bad TV has made us great friends.


Is a character.

Describing him would mean describing the quintessential 70s-era nerd and then adding the characteristics of the men from Grumpy Old Men.

Every time he gripes, shares a story or makes a comment under his breath I just crack up. He writes a weekly blog that is hilarious because it’s all about the things in this world that annoy him.

If I did that, and let’s face it sometimes that is what this blog is all about, people would probably be incredibly annoyed. But somehow he makes it funny, witty and entertaining.

He also has great news judgment. As our web editor, he knows what will do well, what won’t and finds the wackiest news stories around. Love it.

They aren’t the only ones; this place is full of them. From the lady with a talent for fixing anything and everything by smacking the crap out of it, to the guy that dresses prettier than me.

This place is full of characters that are just as interesting, if not more so, than the people we write about.


One response to “Oh, The People I Meet

  1. I’m so glad you finally wrote this one! I love hearing about your co-workers.

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