Running From the Editor: Genius Idea

I’ve picked up a new habit.

It’s probably not the best habit in the world. Well, actually it’s terrible.

The city editor for my paper was sick for about two months. When he came back he had this whole new attitude. He was mean, cranky and rude.

When he got back, his new habit was to be angry with any mistake, or anything he even thought was a mistake.

It get’s worse.

He now gets out of his desk, walks across the office to my desk and stands behind me until I turn and ask what he needs. He then tells me everything I did wrong in a loud, rude voice.

It happens every day, so I came up with a genius plan:

Step 1.) write story and edit multiple times

Step 2.) Wait until it’s almost time to leave and the boss man is outside on his cigarette break.

Step 3.) Run, quickly.

I tried this out last Friday and it went wonderfully. Of course, he called to make sure certain facts were straight, but I got to choose whether I answered the phone. I also found him far less intimidating over the phone — no dirty looks.

I think I’ll keep this up. Maybe I should start changing into my running shoes around 2:45 every day.

Something to think about…


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