Curse of the Weak Bladder

I get up early. Really early.

It’s probably not as early as some, but I do live and hour from the newspaper and am officially the morning-shift reporter. By that, I mean this week is the start of me being the absolute first one into the news room.

Still confused? I turn on the lights. I start the coffee. I get up early.

I’m not complaining, I promise. If I had the choice of choosing any shift this is the shift I would pick — you get to go home sooner.

Since I’ve started early mornings several months ago I’ve gotten into a weird drinking habit.

Most mornings, I would stop by What-a-Burger and order a potato taquito and a Diet Coke (light ice so you get more soda). Then I started gaining weight and decided that perhaps taquito eating wasn’t the best idea.

So now I get up, grab a granola bar and chug a glass of ice water on my commute to work.

Once I get in the office I immediately go to the coffee. I’m not big into caffeine, but that hot drink and a little bit of flavor does wonders for a tired person like myself.

By 9 a.m., however, I’m craving something stronger so I scrounge in my purse or break away from the newsroom and get my Diet Coke.

Hint: A large Diet Coke at What-a-Burger lasts the entire day. Also, at select Sonics, sodas are only 99 cents for any size and the larges also will last you an entire work day.

The thing is, with all this drinking I am going to the restroom a lot more than usual, which was already a lot.

I have a small bladder, so sue me. But now I’m feeling like a terrible worker.

Do people judge you if they see you going to the ladies room once an hour?

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I pull my chair out to take a trip to the loo I feel my boss’ eyes on me and her face reads like, Where is she going, again? No one goes to the bathroom that much. She must be texting or calling someone and using up company time.

The curse of the weak bladder.


2 responses to “Curse of the Weak Bladder

  1. In the future, I will make a tally mark by your name every time you go. We’ll track how often you go.

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