Better Off Flipping Burgers

If and when I really lose it, please let the press know I would like to be referred to as “Lady Fingers.”

I can see the headlines now:

Lady Fingers strikes again

FORT WALTON BEACH – Another one of the Daily News’ commenters has been found with every finger cut off and discarded in their trash can.

Lady Fingers is believed to have had a psychotic break after multiple comments were issued in Police Blotters she wrote for the paper’s website. She is considered dangerous to anyone that has written a snotty comment.

It happened again.

I wrote a story about a man who was arrested for having a little blue pill in his pocket without a prescription. I didn’t read the comments, but apparently they weren’t positive.

One person, I was told, even commented that perhaps I should go into the business of fast food and hamburger flipping rather than journalism.

Our graphic design guy and the rest of the newsroom felt so bad that they thought they would try and put a positive spin on it and made me a McDonald’s badge rather than the press pass I requested.

Thanks guys!


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