The Meanie Who Stole Fall

I love the fall.

Pumpkin displays, a few leaves changing (I live in Florida so not many trees change from their green color), smells of cinnamon and pumpkin wafting and knowing at any time I can stop by the store and eat a delicious caramel apple.

As you can see, fall is a favorite of mine so when I stepped outside this morning only to have to go back in for a heavier coat I knew it would be a good day.

I was assigned, yet again, to do a weather story. But this time I didn’t mind. While talking with the meteorologist I jotted down all my ideas on how to make the article fun and fall themed.

There was fall foods, which I was most excited about, pumpkins going on sale, Halloween costumes hitting the stores and fun fall activities.

Here’s the thing, though, my boss hated every idea. I will now be referring to her as the Meanie Who Stole Fall. Before I completed my sentences explaining why I wanted to do each of the ideas she was shaking her head and saying next.

When I finished, she told me just to ask if the cool weather seems sudden and if it’s changed anyone’s routine. How dull.

Fall is a magical time of year and, somehow, I will be writing an article that will bore anyone.



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