What’s Wrong With Me?

After working in the news business for over two years, not much can really make me cringe.

Yesterday a picture of a horse that was about to die made me merely click a little faster and then it was on to the next tragedy.

There was a slide show of the death row inmates that are sitting in three of the county jails on the main page of our website. (Click here to view)

This morning, however, as I was getting online and checking the site to make it active and moving something caught my eye.

It caught me off guard and made me cringe, honestly. I don’t know why I had this obviously disdainful reaction to it. Why look at photos set to be killed – how morbid?

Then again, here’s the men that have been convicted of brutally killing someone or several people.

Among them is a serial killer, a man who killed his wife and children with a machete and the rest are just as terrible.

So why did I have such a reaction? Why should I care about the people who committed the terrible acts I write about?

My concern is not so much that I care about people being displayed in a picture format that are set for death, it’s that in other circumstances I don’t have that kind of reaction.

Understand,  a lot of the time I listen to a woman crying on the phone about losing her daughter in a fatal car crash and tears can’t help but fall.

But just yesterday I wrote and article about a man who was struck by a train and it was just another story, just another day.

What’s wrong with me?


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