I Just Want Breakfast

I won’t lie and tell you I enjoy getting up at 4:45 every morning and being in the office by 6:30 a.m.

But there are some advantages.

I get the office to myself for an hour, I can do my work without any interruptions and, my favorite part, I can leave for just a bit and get some  breakfast and coffee.

I found a healthy place with cheap breakfast and delicious coffee that I go to after I make my morning calls. Then I come back and get to work.

This morning, however, has not worked out so well.

My boss decided to come in mere minutes after me and then, as soon as she sat down, began giving me orders.

I’ve been here an hour and I’ve already written five stories.

What’s worse, I’m starving.

I had some almond butter  in my desk, but I ran out of english muffins yesterday.

So, as we speak and as she is on the phone unable to tell me what to do for about two minutes, I am scarfing down almond butter with a fork I found in my drawer.

Today is going to be awesome.



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