What to Choose: Career or People

I had a break down today.

I wasn’t at work or anywhere near a bathroom stall. I was in my house making copies of some of my clips for a possible job opening.

I got a tip from a reporter at a competing paper that a job would be available soon and if I was interested I needed to step on it.

Today, I had the copies from five stories I thought worthy of showing a possible future employer when I felt like a traitor.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Benedict Angel.

I’ve worked at the Daily News for over a year and since that time I have grown not only with my writing, but with being a good reporter. I stand up for myself, I don’t back down when I want information and I’m not afraid to get dirty.

So when I was getting ready to give another company, a competing company, my resume I was struck with grief.

I have two options:

A.) Stay with the paper I am working at where I have been given multiple opportunities and many opportunities to come.

I have also established friendships, found mentors and bonded with the people I work with. The idea of leaving them makes me queasy.

B.) (If I get an interview and a job offer) Go to the paper that is well established, connected to the New York Times and will give me a pay increase.

The paper is also closer to my home, covers the area I have lived in my whole life and is where I have wanted to work since I had my first newspaper internship there four years ago.

So I have to decide. Do I choose for my career or for the people?


One response to “What to Choose: Career or People

  1. Sorry to leave three comments in one day lol But let me know if you end up going to the News Journal! If you did decide to apply — good luck!

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