Back Again

It’s been nearly a year since I worked a night shift. It’s been nice to say the least.

But since my counterpart left everyone in the newsroom is stepping up and sacrificing their evenings to cover the shift and tonight is my night.

It feels a little weird since when I was working night shift I was incredibly green.

Now, I know what I’m doing. I know what headlines are going to work and I know how to manage my time.

The only thing I’m having issues with is that I’m already tired. My body is not used to being at the office past 2:30 anymore.

I know there were nights there when I would be bored to tears from 8 or 9, but I guess that was before I knew what I was doing because I have nothing now.

I’ve written stories, updated the website and rifled through arrest reports and I still have three hours.

Oh my.


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