Going Social

My newspaper is now on Facebook.

Not just a like button, but a secret, social page where every person that works here and at our sister papers can connect to one another.

I’m skeptical.

I like being friends with some of my co-workers, but Facebook is an away from work thing.

I put goofy pictures, whine about work and brag about the stupid things I do. My Facebook page is no place for co-workers.

But it goes beyond that. It’s weird.

It’s weird to see your publisher posting comments and it’s weird to be planning group social events with all the people who you are work friends with.

Work friends are usually not real friends and I, personally, am OK with that.

This new generational thing of everyone being connected and going online, especially to Facebook, is a concept I just don’t grasp — nor do I want to.

I want work me and home me to be two completely separate people. I just don’t know how.


2 responses to “Going Social

  1. My work recently got a Facebook page, too. But ours isn’t for networking, it’s for the public to connect to us and “like” us (meaning to get more people to hit on our Web site lol). But we were all pretty much pressured into “liking” it on our personal pages and now all the ….older… people in my office keep “friending” me. It’s pretty awkward. I was already friends with my editor because he’s only 29 and we’ve hung out outside of work, but when the 50-something IT guy friends me, clearly looks through my profile in detail, and then comes to work asking about “how my friend Rebecca’s doing” and “what a cute cat I have” it is SUPER awkward.

  2. BTWs on that comment — that IT guy really freaked me out and I ended up putting him on limited profile view, but now it’s even MORE awkward because he knows I did that and he’s like personally offended by it. *sigh*

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