‘I’m a Reporter …’

Without fail, when people ask what I do there are two basic reactions to my answer.

The first, and most popular, is the inevitable: So, how much longer do you think the paper will last?

My response is always something like, “(Ha ha) I know, the newspaper is struggling, but here’s what’s doing well …”

The second, and most annoying, is a complaint about anything and everything happening in the community, the nation or the world — because my journalism connections can do anything – yeah right.

I enjoy what I do for the most part. I like knowing when some issue goes to print it will likely lead to something.

For example, I wrote a story about a family living off a dirt road. Whenever there was a hard rain the family was stuck because the road flooded.

The next day, I was at a commission meeting and the story was brought up and a motion was approved to start fixing the roads.

I helped make that happen.

But, I do not have the ability to change taxes, get someone out of jail for beating someone up or stop the oil companies from releasing people from their services.

Sorry, Charlie.


One response to “‘I’m a Reporter …’

  1. Hi! As an aspiring reporter, your blog is really interesting to read. I love that you can see some ways in which your work is bringing change; it’s part of why the journalism industry interests me. I look forward to reading more!

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