… and I’m Here Because?

I have wanted out of the newspaper business for a while. Before I even started at the Daily News I had thought of only working here for a few months and then moving on.

It’s harder than you think.

Sure, I still contemplate leaving the newspaper business for public relations, communications, publishing or my own online craft store (it’s in the thinking process). But opportunities come up in this job are so rare for any other field.

One of those opportunities is covering a murder trial that is attracting national coverage. I’ve busted my rump with the pretrial hearings, motion hearings, background coverage – I’ve done what’s needed to be prepared for this big job.

The coverage and several other pending murder trials are one of the reasons I’ve thought of not looking for another job and sticking it out here.

Well, that’s all changed.

I was called into my content editor’s office – never a good sign.

She gave me the look that told me something was wrong and that bad news was afoot. She told me the editor was giving the trial to a more seasoned reporter. She said sorry.


I was not upset, it made sense. Of course he should cover the huge trial. I was even given permission to hang with him one day for a bit to learn about the trial process after I asked.

The thing is it showed me how far I can get while working here. Any chance to grow beyond what I have is likely to be taken away.

So what am I doing here? What is my purpose?

I’m not upset, it has just given me a lot to think about.


2 responses to “… and I’m Here Because?

  1. michellestuckey

    Throwing this out there — I bet the New Orleans area would have a lot of opportunities for growth to offer so you should totally move out here! lol

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