Cooper the Cop Fish – Still Living

Cooper’s popularity around the newsroom has gone up exponentially so I thought I’d re-post my blog on him … He deserves to shine since he’s still truckin’ along with me.

Everyday he gets a little slower, stays stagnant a little longer and looks a little more dead … but he’s a survivor (Despite the death threats from my co-workers).

So here’s a shout out to my pal, Cooper the Cop Fish!


Cooper is my pet Beta fish that sits on my desk.

Technically, he’s the newsroom’s fish, but I inherited him when his original owner left to work for PETA.

He was named after Anderson Cooper. Plus, Cooper the Cop Fish sounds cooler than something like Bob the Beta Fish.

I won’t lie and say I love Cooper, but I look out for him. Everyday I feed him two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the afternoon before I leave.

But my pet ownership has instilled some new worries because to be honest, I’m not much of a pet person. I have a history of killing pets — never intentionally, it just happens.

Everyday, I come in and worry that perhaps Cooper will be found floating at the top of his bowl/vase home completely lifeless. It’s really become a fear of mine.

I worry so much that on my days off I assign people to feed him his allotted tablets and write cute notes to make sure they don’t forget about the small fish.

He’s not much to look at, and he doesn’t play fetch, but he does make my desk feel homey. Alright, maybe I’m starting to love him.

The point of blogging about Cooper this fine day is that I think everybody that has a tough job, a tiring career and knows that the percentage of having a rough day is pretty high should get their own Cooper.


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