Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

I don’t know if other reporters feel this way, but I often sit listening to someone and just think, “I’m intruding. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be asking these questions.”

The other day I met a woman at Ronald McDonald House. She has been staying there for nearly two months while her son is in the hospital in a coma that doctors don’t expect him to get out of.

I asked about her son, she cried. I asked about her future plans, she cried. I asked about some neutral topics, she cried.

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I was very uncomfortable. Of course she cried, her son is 100 percent dependent on machines and she is dealing with that reality everyday.

I only have to deal with it from interview to write up and then I let it go. I think if I held on to everyone’s burdens I would be burnt out within the week.

I’m getting used to feeling like an intruder during interviews. It comes with the job, I suppose.

Lately, though, I feel the intruder-ness (we’ll make it a word just this once) in my “real life,” so to speak.

A co-worker of mine is getting married in a week. Her groom was recently diagnosed with cancer so they wanted to have their wedding before he started treatment.

The thing is, I met this woman in November and have probably talked with her a total of seven times since then.

I wouldn’t say we’re exactly close.

I like hearing about weddings and plans so while she was planning I asked questions and commented on her answers. I guess that got me an “in” with her because my e-vite came through the ole email.

To make matters more awkward, I somehow found myself helping decorate and taking photos of the ceremony and bridal party.


I don’t mind helping out and pitching in wherever I can. I just keep thinking in a couple of years when they look  back and find this random girl was apart of their wedding they’re going to not even remember my name.

Shouldn’t someone a little more special be a part of “the most important day of your life?”

I guess feeling like an intruder is more than just a part of journalism. For me, it seems to be a part of life.

Cheers to the happy couple!


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