Foot Meet Mouth

I didn’t mean to do it.

Really, I didn’t.

Today, I got an email as usual from the Sheriff’s Office promoting another monotonous class they are putting on. Who cares?

Not me.

Did I need to tell the public information officer who wrote that? Uh, no.

So here’s what happened:

The press release came in and I thought I was forwarding it to my content editor.

I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad to accidentally send it out if it would have been just a question asking what we would want to do with the press release.

Instead, I decided to make my email a little more colorful, “My first impression was boring and brief. Yes?”

I hit send and then looked at the name in the “To” category. It wasn’t my editor, but it was too late.

I immediately sent a follow-up email saying sorry I sent the wrong email his way and then called and left a voice mail apologizing one more time.

I got an email back a few minutes later with one word: “Right.”


A few hours later, I got a call from the PIO who, thank goodness, said it was OK and he thought it was boring too. I think he was just saving face, but luckily he seemed alright.

In the future, I will be triple checking who I’m sending my emails to. Take my advice, be careful when emailing!


One response to “Foot Meet Mouth

  1. Unfortunately everybody has been there, done that and has the red face to show it.

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