Can’t Escape the Elderly

I don’t know what it is about me that attracts me to old people and old people to me.

Perhaps it was my first job, which lasted six years, working at a retirement center. Maybe it’s my “I don’t care attitude” that I saw most elderly people possess. Or maybe it’s the fact that I go to bed and get up the same times as 80 year olds.

This week, for some unknown reason, I have been up to my ears in elderly.

At the beginning of the week I listened to a talk given by a 103-year-old man. Somehow the Kiwanis club told me a different time than they told the speaker.

I got to the meeting and found out there was 45 minutes until the speech and I would be having lunch with not one, but five older – much older – men.

I have never wanted to stab myself in the eyes so badly. The man next to me didn’t touch his food, he was too busy talking, and talking, and talking.

But when the time came it turned out to be one of the most interesting talks I had the pleasure of hearing.

Click here to read the article >>

Next up, a story on snowbirds. For anyone not in the tourist business, snowbirds are old people who flock to the south during the winter months.

January to March is their season and they are everywhere.

The one plus to having to do a story on them is that I never had a moment of panic wondering where I would find someone to interview — they were literally everywhere: Parking lots, beaches, shopping center, sidewalks — you name it and they were there.

I don’t mind, I am good with talking to older folks. Maybe I remind them of their grandchildren or a time back when, mostly I think it’s because they know I am one of them, at least in spirit.

So, as I sit at my desk with only a cup of cold coffee, I raise my Daily News mug to the elderly. Here’s to you!



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