What To Do …

Hmm. I could ask for more work. I could start on a story for sometime later this week. Or I could pretend to work … I think I’ll go with option C.

I’ve realized by this rare moment of boredom that I stay busy pretty much day-in and day-out.

Today, this government holiday that has sheriff’s offices, military agencies and schools out for a day of fun, I find that not much is happening.

I don’t have to write public record — the sheriff’s department isn’t opened so I don’t have anything to write up.

I don’t have to go to a fire alarm at a school — there’s no annoying children to pull it.

I don’t even have a real story to do — everyone’s off, enjoying a beautiful day outside.

Everyone except for me.

Sometimes working in a field that doesn’t take a break for holidays is kind of a bummer.


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