Sleep: It Does the Body Good

I’m so tired I could fall asleep right now, at my desk, lights on and co-workers buzzing around me.

I had some friends come into town over the weekend and stayed up much later than I typically do. To say I lost sleep would be an understatement.

So yesterday, I awoke with only a few hours of sleep under my belt from the weekend. My eyes refused to open.

A friend suggested something called a 5 hour energy drink. So after struggling for a few hours despite several cups of coffee I went to Tom Thumb.

I purchased the 5 hour energy bottle, another energy drink and a juice. The bottle told me just to take half of its contents and I’d be good for hours.

So I chugged the disgusting berry-flavored drink until I had taken in half and waited to the magic to begin. I waited, and waited and waited.

Nothing happened.

So I grabbed the bottle and inhaled the rest of the contents. Guess what happened?


No energy drink in the world could help me. So my suggestion, sleep. It’s important because days after staying out late I’m still struggling.



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