Keep Holding Strong

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the retreat for my college sorority. It was an awesome experience and God did awesome things through it, but what was amazing were the questions from some of the girls.

These are some of the girl's from my sorority. For more on Theta Alpha, go to

I spoke on grace, on getting through the rough times by admitting you are weak and knowing that God is strong. He promises his grace will pour into us and we will be able to endure any hard times.

I also used examples from my life in the field. The people I’ve met, the grace I’ve seen given to them from God and the grace I’ve seen others extend to people in the community and in their lives.

I’ve been amazed multiple times, but I don’t know why. Should it surprise me that God’s grace is abundant and never ending?

One of the girls in the sorority asked if she could ask me some journalism questions. She is a broadcast journalism major and has already seen what the world would be like in this field.

There’s no more rosy vision. I know the truth. I’ve seen death, spoken with the hurt and the broken. I’ve dealt with anger and people not in their right minds.

This field has exposed me to a world I never knew existed. Watching the news and being the reporter there are two very different things.

She asked me how I deal with the hurt that I report on, how I deal with working in a field that is for the most part incredibly liberal and not believers. She asked how I keep my head above the cynicism that seems to overtake every reporter’s life.

The answer is both simple and complicated, I told her.

I explained that this has been a crazy ride for me and I’ve had opportunities to do things and see things that had I chosen anything else I wouldn’t have been a part of. I told her that in the midst of the hurt I get to offer a prayer and an assurance of God’s love.

But the most important thing I told her is something God revealed to me when I was in my deepest depression from doing what I do: God called me here.

There are few people that speak the name of Christ at my paper and, really, in any media-related field. I was called to this because God knew I could handle the pain because I have a hope no one can take away.

There are days when I cry, days when I question every decision I’ve ever made and when I call my mom telling her it’s time for me to get out of here.

But for the most part I’m able to speak truth and love daily in a world where sadness is overwhelming. I get asked almost every day, “How do you stay so happy?” and I get to tell them God is good, Christ’s love is strong and my hope is eternal.

So while I’m trying to get out of here and get to the next step in my life, I know God’s timing is perfect.

I know that I will be here until he’s ready to take me to the next phase. Until then, though, I’m praying I can be the soldier he needs me to be in this crazy world of journalism.


One response to “Keep Holding Strong

  1. Is this the blog Kflow said was super boring? Umm… she’s insane. This was so beautiful. Anyone who doesn’t think you need prayer is crazy – you are truely out on the battlefield everyday. I love you and I’m so proud of what you do, day in and day out. Thank you for sharing this weekend. I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with you 🙂

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