Getting Out There

A few weeks ago I went on a four-hour kayak trip. I don’t think I necessarily needed to do the course or take the time, but I thought, “Why not take advantage of a fun opportunity?”

I mean, hey, if work says its OK, why would I not spend most of my day in the water rather than behind a desk?

So here’s my question: How far should a journalist go?

Is it really necessary to participate or am I just wanting to take advantage of some of the opportunities I’ve been given?

I firmly believe in going out and talking to people over calling over the phone. On the phone you miss people’s emotions, the atmosphere and the details that make an ordinary story extraordinary.

Next on my list of stories to do is an outdoor feature on Kite boarding. I interviewed a guy who told me it takes hours before you can even hit the water.

Now I’m contemplating, am I wanting to participate for the good of the story or for the actual experience.

If it’s the latter, is that unprofessional or am I just finding some of the positives of working in this profession.

There are so many days when I don’t look forward to what I have to write about so is it so bad to try to take advantage of the fun stories?


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