There’s A Snake In My Boot

OK, there’s not actually a snake in my boot — I’m wearing flats today — but there is a opossum in the ceiling.

I’m the first one in every weekday morning. I like it typically. There’s no one to distract me, there are few phone calls and I get to wear my frumpy clothes for at least 30 minutes before having to straighten up for the general public.

However, for the past few months I’ve been hearing noises. Loud, scurrying noises directly above my head. I don’t like it.

A month ago I mentioned the noises and found out the evening shift discovered a opossum has taken shelter in the ceiling.

Yesterday, we learned that the opossum had also had babies while living in the ceiling and one of those babies had found its way out of the ceiling and into the building.

This morning, I was sitting at my desk lost in my work when I heard the sound walking all around the area above my desk. At one point, it was directly above me.

I’ll be honest, the Daily News’ building isn’t great and we have a number of tiles that look like they could go at any moment. My greatest fear is that one of those tiles will give as the behemoth of a opossum steps on it.

Just what I need: Angel vs. The Opossum. I already know who would win and it’s not looking good for the 5′ blond girl.

Luckily, God is good all the time.

One of the babies got stuck in the wall in advertising and apparently Mother Opossum went after it and also got stuck.

The wall may be gone, but so is the largest opossum I’ve ever seen. Hallelujah!

Now, we just have to get the rest of those babies.


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