Get Local!

My newspaper recently launched a new website. We feature three main stories from anywhere on the site — Outdoors, News, Sports, Local, Showcase — you name it and it can be featured.

With the launch of the new site, the new boss man asked for more local stories. He said to think about what we think is “cool” in the area and then write about it.

This added strain to an already small staff shook some of my fellow reporters. To be blunt, they weren’t pleased and weren’t afraid to be vocal about it.

Personally, I thought it sounded awesome and asked for some pointers on what he would like.

Well, let this be a lesson to everyone — a positive attitude pays off.

My editor, boss man and content editor all met and decided I would be the lead Get Local reporter.

What does this mean?

Less death stories, less tax stories, less road stories and more restaurant stories, people stories and activity stories.

Since I started focusing on the local side of things I’ve visited a strawberry field, gone bar hopping for karaokers, gone paddle boarding and have a page-long list of other fun things to report on.

Not too shabby.

I still am ready and willing to get out of the field, although I don’t think it will be anytime soon since I’ll be working through graduate school.

However, it makes the in between a lot more tolerable. Hopefully, the positive continues to outshine the negative.

… Here’s to keeping this present positive attitude.


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