Don’t Hang Up On Me

I don’t like being hung up on.

It takes a lot to make me angry. You can say rude things. You can refuse to answer my questions. But, if you hang up on me prepare to meet your maker.

OK, obviously I’m not going around killing the hanger-uppers. But trust me, you are now on my bad side.

I was doing a story, a stupid story about a library garden that was destroyed. I called the library administrator and was told multiple times she was “in a meeting.”

Then, when I got a different person to pick up finally, I find out that she’s here but the freaking assistant won’t let me talk to her.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” I said around 12:30 p.m. “But I’ve been calling since 8 a.m. Is there no way for me to speak with her?”

That’s when the disconnect signal came on.

Now I’m mad.

Hang up on me and see what happens. I write for a newspaper. Millions of people see my writing. Over 40,000 people subscribe to my paper. You will be called out.

Library administrator, you’re going down.


2 responses to “Don’t Hang Up On Me

  1. michellestuckey

    Sounds like it’s time for a “The librarian did not respond to numerous attempts to contact her” comment!

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