Hello Charlie Brown

Why do I leave the office?

… because I need quotes, I need a picture of what I’m trying to write about, I need to be able to ask questions.

So, why do I go to military things?

They don’t allow us to get a good photo — we are plagued to the back row when we come to ceremonies.

We can’t get one-on-one quotes — they only give us pre-written statements.

Last of all, I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. How on earth can I write a decent story when every quote I’ve written down is literally a guess as to what the waa waa wa waa noise actually meant.

I went to a ceremony today where the media was put in the absolute furthest section available. The ceremony was in an airplane hangar so the speakers sounded just like the adults on Charlie Brown.

Now, I’m looking at my notes and the greatest tool I have is the “…” for all the words I surely missed.



One response to “Hello Charlie Brown

  1. Angel, next time as soon as the ceremony or pomp ends, identify and grab the smartest-looking, most-senior military member in the immediate vicinity. That may be a very junior person, but that’s okay. Ask them what was said. I guarantee that they heard everything and would be able to give you an excellent play by play. Those people in uniform are smart, and they love to talk about their work!

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