Here’s To You, Todd Agnew

I tend to hold grudges. It’s a weakness, I’m aware.

But recent events have made me begin to start thinking about life. I keep thinking about how fragile and precious the human life is and how, at any moment, this life could end.

This lead to me thinking about all the grudges I’ve been holding. I still roll my eyes at officers who didn’t give me information a year ago, I gag when a reporter from another paper who got to a story before me is on the scene with me and I change the station whenever Todd Agnew comes on.

Let me explain.

It’s been about two years since Todd Agnew (until I let it go at the end of this post please read the name Aaagg-knew with a whiny voice because that’s how I’ve been saying it) came to my church.

Todd Agnew is a Christian singer and I volunteered to work the merchandise booth for him. He was one of three artists to come to the church.

I worked hard, selling his CD’s, hawking his T-shirts and even showing the kids how cool the light-up bouncy ball was so they would want it. You’re welcome, Todd Agnew.

At the end of the concert the other booth workers were visited by the singers whose items they sold and had their picture taken, were given signed CDs and a complimentary shirt.

Todd Agnew came up to my booth, spoke with his employee who I had worked with and then left.

That’s right: I got no “Thank you for hawking my crap,” no free CD, I didn’t even get looked at.

Since that day I have quickly changed the station when his songs came up and have said his name as if I swallowed some terrible lemon juice.

But today, right now, I’m letting that go.

Todd Agnew you are forgiven. Terrible landlord’s who yelled at me, said I had an attitude and called me some selective words I will choose not to repeat, I forgive you.

Rude secretaries, mean officers and stupid employees – I forgive you all.

That about sums this up. It feels good to let it go.


2 responses to “Here’s To You, Todd Agnew

  1. So it probably won’t help if I share that I like Todd Agnew music or that my favorite song of his is “My Jesus.”
    I’m glad you learned forgiveness because the alternative is bitterness, and that does nobody any good, especially the one holding onto that bitterness.

    • Now that I’ve let my aggression go, I’ll give the song another listen and I’m sure I’ll like it too. I liked him quite a bit before “the incident!”

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