Dating Like It’s Jury Selection

This week I have the privilege of writing about a trial from start to finish. From jury selection to his sentencing.

I’ve never actually covered a jury selection, or even been summoned for jury duty. The one time I got the letter I was 18 and had class so I was excused.


It was eight hours of talking to the 48 people summoned, learning about their history, their family, their feelings on … everything.

As I sat there I started thinking that jury selection should spill over into real life. I think dating would be much simpler if it could go like this:

Hello, thank you all for coming today.

Now you know that if you lie you will be arrested so, please, answer all questions honestly and without hesitation. Remember, when in doubt just shout it out.

Eight hours is a very long time so while I was sitting there I just let me imagination run wild in that freezing, cold court room.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask whatever questions I wanted?

I mean, these jurors told the court everything. If they’ve been arrested, for what and if they were convicted. If they have family members ever arrested, in the force.

Who they know in the county, who they know in the courtroom and how they felt about everything.

Their opinion was asked, their knowledge on current events was judged … and on that note the number of people who read about the case from the paper was dismally low and even fewer actually remembered what they read. Ouch.

So yes, I have decided that from now, hence forth, I will attempt to date just like jury selection. Suitors will line up and be subject to questioning.

I think this may be the most brilliant plan I’ve had yet.


One response to “Dating Like It’s Jury Selection

  1. I’ve never been on a jury, but I’d like to! But it would probably be some really lame case.

    I’m afraid that if they asked me if I’d read the story in the NWFDN, my answer would probably be something like “Wait, was that the one with that one comment…?”

    I absolutely think dating should follow the same model. When my daughter starts dating (hopefully never), the poor potential-suiter better be prepared!

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