It’s a Conspiracy!

I had what one of my co-workers refers to as a “Come to Jesus talk,” with my boss lady.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been butting heads … by butting heads, I mean she’s been getting on my very last nerve.

At every corner she tells me I’m not doing enough reporting, I’m too trusting of my sources and I need to make sure I’m getting the truth.

At our talk, she asked why I kept resisting her. I told her I believe my sources when they tell me there wasn’t a serious accident. I trust them not to lie to me.

Trusting them on specific incidents versus when they say, “Nothing happened last night,” is a completely different story. I find I’m constantly having to tell my sources what constitutes a story and then find myself begging for the details.

But once they are given the details I have rarely been lied to and I know which sources to trust. I’ve been talking with the same folks for two years now and I feel like I’ve gotten this beat down pretty well.

This, however, is not what my boss saw. She saw me being lackadaisical with reporting … For the record, every story she told me I must pursue turned out to be just as I was told,  But that isn’t the heart of the matter.

As a journalist, I rely heavily on my sources and have learned to get a feel on whether they are trust worthy. So, what so you do when your supervisor thinks the world is conspiring against us and all we’re being told is lies?

Isn’t my entire job reliant on others’ memories, quotes and facts?


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