Too Much Cream and Sugar?

I’m not the kind of cool chick who takes her coffee black and sips it leisurely in the corner. No, I’m the chubby girl by the sugar rack who just keeps pouring stuff into her beverage.

At work the coffee is, well, terrible. But sometimes it is needed, so I doctor it up. However, based on my lovely sister’s observations I’ve realized I may go overboard and judgement could come upon me should anyone see the amount of cream and sugar I put in the coffee.

So I discretely put it in my coffee cup, if someone comes in the room I stop pouring and stir until they leave. I know, its silly, but it is a lot of creamer.

All this is to say I have been accused of being too sweet, too kind and too trusting.

When is it too much cream and sugar? When should I put up my defenses and when should I let my instincts of believing most everyone is good if you give them a chance lead me?

Should I switch to no cream and sugar for my work coffee (metaphorically speaking, definitely not literally. That would be gross)?


2 responses to “Too Much Cream and Sugar?

  1. You should switch, but literally. go for black coffee!

  2. I recommend switching to non-sugar sweetener. My dentist’s son read me the riot act one time about how the sugar was destroying my teeth. If you must continue on the literal sugar, brush your teeth after every cup.

    As far as the nonliteral sugar: There are many editors out there, and they have many styles. Some seem to think all public officials are evil and up to something. Some seem to think all public officials are good and pure and innocent.

    To me the truth lies somewhere in between: public officials are pretty much just like everybody else, some good, some bad, most meaning well and trying to do the best they can. We need to be ready to call them on errors and, when it happens, malfeasance. And we need to watch attentively for said errors and malfeasance. There’s a variety of ways you can do that, and I’m guessing you probably know them just as well as I do.

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