What is Happening Here?

My company is moving buildings. The newspaper got rid of their printer about three years ago and in the economic hard times we are facing we can no longer afford to stay in the building we are currently using.

So we’re downsizing.

Everyday, the big-big boss man comes in to put a moving sticker on another inanimate object, tells us there’s been another change to the plan and then he just moseys on out.

All of this is just fine and dandy. I threw out my extra paperwork, boxed my files and cleaned off any personal items to make the moving as easy as possible.

During this whole thing, though, I have picked up on a little something: The Newsroom is the ugly stepchild in this whole scheme.

We were in a staff meeting discussing the move and someone from advertising raised their hand and asked if they could keep their chair — it seemed very important to them.

When I heard the question all I could think of was “Why?” My chair is old, dirty and has a slight rip in the back. I could care less if I get this crappy chair or another crappy chair.

So I did some investigating and looked a little closer at the advertising side of the building. Would you believe it, those people have leather seats. Plus, THEY SWIZZLE!

After that the rose-colored glasses came off.

Advertising has iPads, they get bonuses. Heck, they dress 10 times better than anyone in the newsroom. (Side note: I have made lists, asked nicely and sent numerous emails in the hopes of getting an iPad. *It’s not looking good)

In the newsroom, we all have the chairs of yesteryear, we have two laptops to share amongst nine reporters that date back to the year the first laptop came out and we all look like death on a pretty consistent basis.

Yesterday, someone from circulation came in and told us we would no longer be getting daily papers for the newsroom.

Are you kidding me?

Is it like this at every newspaper? The one department for which the newspaper was made is the bottom of the barrel, the ugly stepchild, the least loved?


2 responses to “What is Happening Here?

  1. I’m glad I’m getting a degree in advertising!

  2. Is a chair that swizzles one that serves a rum swizzle?? They have those in Bermuda…

    Just be patient Angel. Those haughty, well-dressed, iPad-wielding advertising yuppies will soon get their long-overdue comeuppance! With the new commenting system for the online Daily News, advertising will take a nose dive. Who wants to buy all that fancy (and pesky) ad space on a website that became a ghost town overnight?

    In all seriousness though, best of luck to you, it sounds like a pretty grim time at the NWFDN!

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